STS Course on Building Websites

Hi all!

Tomorrow (Tuesday, April 16th, 2013), CEO will be hosting a class on the essentials to starting your very own website based on WordPress.

Location: B207 Computer Sciences
Time/Date: 6:00-8:00PM, Tuesday, April 16th

I highly recommend this class for anyone interested in learning the basics about starting your own website.  For those are you that will be attending the class tomorrow, I recommend that you take a look at this short blog post to learn a bit more about some of the plugins that are available to you.

via- Flippa at

I hope to see everyone at our class tomorrow


Be Smart! Stay informed

We are bombarded with information on a daily basis, but I have found that in addition to keeping pace with my class requirements that there are a few great ways to stay in touch with the world outside of Madison. Professors will emphasize the importance of the Wall Street Journal, but a few other websites that I make a note to skim on a daily basis are VentureBeat, Inc, FastCompany, and TechCrunch. also hosts a slew of resources with information from “Writing a Business Plan” to “Legal Issues” in Running a Business. Take a look, there is a lot of exciting information to learn.




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Adios(o) Kayak






While reading Hackernews today, I came across a blog post from the Y Combinator backed travel startup Adioso.  Over the past few years Adioso has done its best to create a travel website that allows it’s users to search for airfare in the distant future using broad search terms (i.e. exactly the site that I have been looking for.)  In addition to their idealistic custom search, they have also put together one of the most aesthetically pleasing designs that I have seen from a travel sight.  While the current search is a little slow and could be refined by adding additional search parameters, their current product is great and I am looking forward to seeing the site grow.

Link to the post-

Link to the Site-




P.S.- Why does Kayak feel the need to open like 15 new windows every time I search???

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Recommended Reading

“We have to continually be jumping off cliffs and developing our wings on the way down.” 

Entrepreneurs often describe starting their first company as taking a leap, risking it all in a gamble on themselves and their own ambitions.  The above quote seems to support this mindset that venturing into the unknown may be the best thing for us.  That quote however did not come from Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, but rather those are the words of the great novelist Kurt Vonnegut.  He may not be the person that comes to mind when we think of famous entrepreneurs, but he too took the leap and created his own brand of writing that turned him into a literary legend.  While I do recommend that everyone read Kurt Vonnegut’s work, the titles below are some of my favorite books that pertain to entrepreneurship.

  1. The 4-Hour Work Week- Timothy Ferris
  2. The Lean Startup- Eric Ries
  3. Never Eat Alone- Keith Ferrazzi

Other Recommendations: Hacker News

The 4-Hour Work Week is my favorite of these three and had the greatest influence on me.  I highly recommend it to everyone even if you are not interested in entrepreneurship.  The overall goal of the book is to prove to it’s readers that you do not need to work 9-5, instead anyone with a basic understanding of technology could create a business that allows them to take a step back from the daily grind to live their lives.

The Lean Startup should be read by anyone who is remotely interested in starting a technology business.  In fact if you are interested in technology and you haven’t read this yet then you should turn off your computer right now and go get this.

This past summer I read Never Eat Alone and thoroughly enjoyed it.  You do not need to be interested in entrepreneurship to find this book useful, but if you do plan on starting a company at one point in your life, then you need to learn the value of forming relationships.  Keith Ferrazzi does a great job of conveying the importance of relationships in the business world and how to form lasting ones.

In addition to the three books that I listed I also included a link to the Hacker News site.  There is no better way to stay up to date on the technological entrepreneurship community then by checking this site every day or so.  The articles included on the site vary greatly in there content, ranging from recent events in the industry to information on new startups.

Kurt Vonnegut also once said

“by reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well.  This to me is a miracle.”  

The books that I have listed above are from some of the most respected authors in the entrepreneurship industry.  If Vonnegut is correct in his description of reading, then it would be a wise decision for those interested in starting their own company to read these books.



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Welcome to UW-Madison CEO

UW- Madison Collegiate Entrepreneurs Organization is the premier undergraduate entrepreneurship organization on campus.  Our goal is to connect student entrepreneurs with other students who may be interested in starting their own business or collaborating on a project.  We also strive to connect students with various different resources on campus that may help them with their endeavors.

Please feel free to use this site as a forum for sharing and connecting with other entrepreneurs.  If you would like us to post something on this site (project, news, or anything that you would like to publicize), please contact us using the form on the Join/Contact page.